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試験科目:Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Process Manufacturing Production and Logistics
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試験科目:Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Financials
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NO.1 Enter values in the Description and Voucher series fields and other fields, as required.

NO.2 Your company uses two-way matching to create vendor invoices.
Which elements are used in the two-way matching process?
A. Price information on the invoice and price information on the purchase order
B. Quantity received and quantity invoiced
C. Quantity ordered on the purchase order and quantity invoiced
D. Invoice total amount and the total amount on the purchase order
Answer: A
Two-way matching - Match the price information on the invoice to the price information on the
purchase order.
Reference: About Accounts payable invoice matching [AX 2012]

NO.3 Select Fixed asset budget in the Journal type field. This journal type has functionality similar to Post
assets, but is used only for fixed asset budget register entries.

NO.4 Be sure to set up a journal name for each posting layer to post fixed asset budget register entries
Reference: Set up journal names [AX 2012]
7. Which two documents can you use to set up fixed asset acquisitions? Each correct answer
presents a complete
A. Explanation:
A: The integration of Fixed assets with Accounts receivable uses posting profiles that are set up in
Fixed assets. These
posting profiles are activated when a fixed asset, value model, and fixed asset transaction type are
selected for a
customer invoice before the customer invoice is posted. Because fixed assets are not part of
Inventory management,
you must use the Free text invoice form when you sell a fixed asset.
D: Fixed assets can be integrated with General ledger, Inventory management, Accounts receivable,
and Accounts
payable. You can also set up Fixed assets so that it is integrated with purchase orders.
You can enter Fixed assets transactions in the Free text invoice form.
Reference: About fixed assets integration [AX 2012]; About options for entering fixed asset
transactions [AX 2012]
8. You need to pay all open invoices that have a due date on or before July 10.
You want to take advantage of any available discounts.
Which two settings must you select when creating the payment proposal? Each correct answer
presents part of the
A. In the Payment to date field, select July 10.
B. In the Minimum date field, select July 10
C. In the Proposal type field, select Due date and cash discount.
D. In the Proposal type field, select Due date.
B. Purchase order
C. Invoice journal
D. Free text invoice
E. Sales order
Answer: A,B,D

MB6-702エンジン   MB6-702赤本勉強   
B: Field: Minimum date
Enter the earliest date for the payment. This date is used as the payment date if the date that is
calculated for the
payment proposal occurs before the date that is entered in this field. For example, if you create the
payment proposal
on February 1 but you want the payments to be dated no earlier than February 5, enter February 5 in
this field.
C: Field: Proposal type
Select the proposal type:
* Due date and cash discount - First, include open transactions that are eligible for a cash discount.
Then, include
open transactions, according to due date.
* Per due date - Include open transactions that are due in the range of dates that is specified for the
* By cash discount - Include open transactions that are eligible for a cash discount in the range of
dates that is
specified for the proposal.
Not A: There is no Payment to date field.
Reference: Vendor payment proposal (class form) [AX 2012]